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Subscription of CCQF members to the website Newsletter

To facilitate our communication, a subscription campaign to the free newsletter of our website will be launched from January 1st, 2018 as presented during the last General Assembly of the CCQF of November 2017 (see p5 of the CR available here).

If you are not already subscribed to the newsletter of the site via your e-mail address you will receive directly an e-mail entitled “Confirmez votre abonnement pour Cornouaille Chapter Quimper France” (Translation = Confirm your subscription for Cornouaille Chapter Quimper France“). The address used will be the one declared on your membership.

Just confirm your registration by clicking on the big blue button Confirmez votre abonnement” (Translation = Confirm your subscription) in the email.
You will then receive a new e-mail informing you that everything went well.

And here it is ! Thus you will be informed directly of any new publication of article on our website, a simple way for us and for you to stay in contact.

In case of need, don’t hesitate to subscribe via the section Abonnez-vous à la Newsletter (Translation = Subscribe to the Newsletter”) with another email address
(Item availables on main page between calendar and forms)

Wishing you a very very good and sparkling New Year’s Eve

Looking forward to seeing you in 2018

Your Webmaster, Pierre
PS: If necessary, contact me on the address ccqf29@gmail.com




“They” come back!


Click on the Air Filter to obtain the flyer with the Program, the registration form and so on …

Extract of the Program :

  • Jeudi 10 Mai (Ascension)
    • 15h : Site opening (Formula “Full”)
    • 19h : Aperitif, dinner followed by a dance party (DJ Baptiste)
  • Vendredi 11 mai
    • Ride all the day with break for lunch
    • 17h : Opening (Formula “Light”)
    • 19h : Apéritif, dinner followed by a gala evening and concert with “In Deep” his Deep Purple covers songs
  • Samedi 12 mai
    • Ride all the day with break for lunch
    • 19h : Apéritif, dinner followed by a dance party (DJ Baptiste)
  • Dimanche 13 mai
    • Little end ride of the BB14
    • Lunch on site

    The full program is available in the flyer, click on image above


    BB14 Site

    Azureva Trégunc
    Lieu-dit Pouldohan – 20 rue penn ker lae
    29910 TREGUNC
    Tel : 02 98 97 63 60
    GPS : N 47° 50′ 24″ – O 3° 53′ 29″

    How much does it cost ?

    • FULL PACK since Jeudi 10 Mai (double room) : 300 € / person
    • FULL SINGLE since Jeudi 10 Mai (single room – shared whashroom) : 360 € / person
    • LIGHT PACK since Vendredi 11 Mai (chambre double) : 240 € / person
    • LIGHT SINGLE since Vendredi 11 Mai (chambre single – shared whashroom) : 280 € / person

    All payment terms are described in the flyer

    How to register ?

    • Complete the registration form available on page 3 of the Flyer
      Number limited to 250 places (of which 20 single)
      Send your registration form and payment to
                A l’attention de Jacques Jounel – BB14
                2 rue des Genêts
               44110 Saint Aubin des Châteaux

    The list of participants of the Cornouaille Chapter is available by clicking there, you can fill in the form available at the bottom right on the site to inform your colleagues of your participation
    (Reminder: the list is updated only the day after registration)

    Information & Contacts :
    • Raymond Lavaud : raymond.lavaud@gmail.com
    • Laurent Bihouée : laurent.bihouee@wanadoo.fr
    • Jacques Jounel : papyjacknocf@orange.fr
    • Yohann Morisot : breizh202@aol.com